Version 6 Previews

We’re over halfway through May and getting closer and closer to the release of BibleBot v6. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

My favorite addition to this update is Multilingual Book Names, which allows for you to use your mother tongue when referencing books (unless your mother tongue is Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, or any other language that uses RTL scripts; RTL isn’t easy in programming).

Russian Book Names

French Book Names

Chinese Book Names

This is all done using a custom book name scraper I made that scrapes all the book names from every version off of Bible Gateway (besides the languages I had to exclude above for technical reasons). It hooks right into BibleBot and updates itself automatically.

The highly requested VOTD scheduling is here! When version 6 comes out, you’ll be able to schedule the VOTD to automatically publish itself at a set time (in UTC and 24h format) and channel. Here’s a little preview of that:

VOTD Scheduling Result

Relating to this is Server Preferences! Servers can now set their default language and version (this does not override a user’s version and language, naturally).

The final preview so far is Chapter Previews! Now you can just type “John 1” and get a small 5-verse preview of the chapter.

Chapter Preview of John 1

Additionally, this also makes single-chaptered books like Jude more natural to write.

Jude 1 Functioning Properly

Version 6 will be released before or on Orthodox Pentecost (May 27). In the meantime, subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified of future updates.

God’s blessings and peace,