BibleBot is a Discord bot for Bible verses developed by Elliott Pardee (vypr) [avatar shown right] and many contributors. It is written in Python (formerly JavaScript on Node.js) using discord.py. BibleBot was initially developed in late November of 2016 for Christcord, the Christianity Discord server, additionally founded by vypr. Today, BibleBot has grown to reach an audience of 150k people in 2.2k servers.

Here are some notable features of BibleBot:

  • User preferences for versions, headings, and verse/chapter numbers!
  • Support for nearly 200 Bible translations and nearly 10 UI translations!
  • Search for a verse using “+search”! (ex. “+search For God so loved the world”)
  • Verse of the day!*
  • And much more on the way!

* - Verse of the day is according to Bible Gateway.

You can find the source code for at BibleBot /BibleBot.

BibleBot is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. You may find a copy of the license here.