Usage and Commands

To use BibleBot, simply say a verse reference anywhere in a message, like Genesis 1:1 or John 1:1-5. BibleBot supports the typical Protestant canon as well as the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox deuterocanonicals, if that version supports it (see +version info below to find that information).

This page assumes that your server is using the default prefix as well as English. The prefix may be different depending on the server’s preference. Consult the help command (+biblebot) for the translated command list – this command works regardless of prefix and language.

All subcommands marked with an asterisk (*) are only usable if the user has the Manage Server permission.

Some commands have not been re-implemented. These are crossed out on the table below.

+biblebotThe help command, which will list commands and any relevant links.None, but see rescue options below.+biblebot
+searchSearch for a verse by keyword or phrase.None+search for God so loved the world
+versionDisplay the user and server version preferences as well as list all available subcommands.set
+version set NASB

+version setserver NASB

+version list

+version info NASB
+randomBy default, this will give you a random verse in a predetermined pool unless a valid subcommand is specified.true+random

+random true
+dailyverseBy default, this will give you the daily verse unless a valid subcommand is specified.status
+dailyverse status

+dailyverse set

+dailyverse clear
+formattingDisplay your formatting preferences (headings/titles, verse numbers, display style) and behavior preferences for the server (bot prefix, ignoring brackets) as well as list all available subcommands.setheadings

+formatting setheadings enable

+formatting setversenumbers disable

+formatting setdisplay embed

+formatting setprefix -

+formatting setbrackets {}
+languageDisplay the user and server language preferences as well as list all available subcommands.set

+language set english

+language setserver english

+language list
+resourceList commands of available resources (catechisms, confessions, creeds, and more).apostles


+resource apostles

+resource nicene

+resource nicene325

+resource chalcedon

+resource ccc 1

+resource ccc 1-5

+resource lsc

+resource lsc 1

+resource lsc preface
+statsView bot statistics.None+stats
+inviteGet the invite link for the bot.None+invite

Rescue Options

The +biblebot command can be used to perform any command in the default English, regardless of preferences (including prefix). This can be used as a fallback in the event you accidentally set the wrong language or for things like our Automatic Daily Verse setup page. To utilize this, you’d use any of the commands above but in this fashion – +biblebot language set english.

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