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Usage and Commands

To use BibleBot, simply say a verse reference anywhere in a message, like Genesis 1:1 or John 1:1-5. BibleBot supports the typical Protestant canon as well as the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox deuterocanonicals, if that version supports it (see /versioninfo below to find that information).

All subcommands marked with an asterisk (*) are only usable if the user has the Manage Server permission.

Some commands have not been re-implemented. These are crossed out on the table below.

CommandDescriptionRelated CommandsExample
/biblebotThe help command, which will list commands and any relevant links.None/biblebot
/searchSearch for a verse by keyword or phrase.None/search query: for God so loved the world
/versionDisplay the user and server version preferences as well as list all related commands./setversion
/setversion abbreviation: NASB

/setserverversion abbreviation: NASB


/versioninfo abbreviation: NASB
/randomBy default, this will give you a random verse in a predetermined pool unless using /truerandom./truerandom/random

/dailyverseThe daily verse, see related commands for automation./dailyversestatus


/formattingDisplay your formatting preferences (headings/titles, verse numbers, display style) and behavior preferences for the server (ignoring brackets) as well as list all related commands./settitles

/settitles enable

/setversenumbers disable



/languageDisplay the user and server language preferences as well as list all related commands./setlanguage

/setlanguage english

/setserverlanguage english

/resourcesList commands of available resources (catechisms, confessions, creeds, and more)./resource/resources

/resource resource: nicene

/resource resource: ccc range: 1

/resource resource: ccc range: 1-5

/resource resource: lsc

/resource resource: lsc range: 1

/resource resource: lsc range: preface
/statsView bot statistics.None/stats
/inviteGet the invite link for the bot.None/invite
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