Scripture from your Discord client to your heart.

A Kerygma Digital Ministry

Scripture from your Discord client to your heart.

What Is BibleBot?

BibleBot is the largest and first of any religious bot on Discord. Since December 2016, we’ve worked hard to bring the good news to Christians everywhere on Discord. Together, we can share the love and good news of Christ with others. Lord willing.

How We Do It

BibleBot is a non-commercial open-source project by Kerygma Digital, a non-profit organization founded to serve Christians online. Through the financial support and volunteering of many, we are able to serve all Christians on Discord, no strings attached. No premium subscriptions, no fees, just pure Christianity – right from your Discord client.

How You Can Help

We rely solely on donations, either from our users or out of our own pockets. Consider donating to help further our development, whether one-time or recurring. If you want to get hands-on, or are unable to help financially, consider joining the team and volunteering.

Serving 35,000+ communities since 2016

Our Recent Updates

  • Update: v9.2-beta (build 559)
    It’s been a productive month for BibleBot, with many improvements to performance and user experience, including a whole new command! We hope you like it!
  • Update: v9.2-beta (build 532)
    Here’s just about all notable changes to the bot in the past year and 2 months.
  • Release: v9.2-beta
    We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who helped us in our fundraiser for the Biblica royalty fee. This release is dedicated to you.
  • Update: v9.1-beta (build 138)
    These are all the updates the bot has received since October 15th, 2021. The code freeze placed last update has been lifted and we’re currently prioritizing slash command migration.
  • Update: v9.1-beta (build 119)
    These are all the updates the bot has received since June 26th. With the changes Discord is making to bots, we have initiated a code freeze for the current repository. In other words, no updates to the v9.1-beta code will be made as of September 16th onward, besides bugfixes to ensure continuity.
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