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Release: v9.2-beta


  • All commands have been migrated to Discord’s slash commands with many name changes. See the docs for an updated reference. (Note: Verses are not behind a command, you can still use them as normal.)


  • Fixed an error where an empty page was created at the end of pagination results. (#235)


We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who helped us in our fundraiser for the Biblica royalty fee. This release is dedicated to you.

With the migration to slash commands, unfortunately we had to adjust our command names and grouping styles – as it turns out, Discord’s implementation of subcommands is rather half-baked. For those who’ve used BibleBot back when we were in v8, you’ll find much similarity to then.

For those who have not yet done so in prior updates, you must reinvite the bot to ensure a smooth transition into slash commands. Not doing so will inevitably result in commands not being available. This does not apply to those who’ve re/invited the bot in the past 9 months.

Release: v9.2-beta

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