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Update: v9.1-beta (build 138)


  • Move anti-spam detection to the end of verse processing methods to reduce false-positives.
  • Any interactions by other bots will be forced to use server preferences.
  • Added +formatting setserverdisplay to set a default display style across a server. User preference will still take priority over the server.
  • Early-stage development on an announcements system.


  • Fixed an error where +random true didn’t respond as a verse, but as a command.
  • Fixed a bug where Song of Songs wasn’t handled properly for the KJVA. (#244)
  • Spun off our automatic daily verse and version statistics processes to resolve the duplicating daily verse issue. (#207)


These are all the updates the bot has received since October 15th, 2021.

The code freeze placed last update has been lifted and we’re currently prioritizing slash command migration. Unfortunately, some of our upstream dependencies have not adjusted quick enough to the changes, so the migration is a bit more intense than we’d desire. Thankfully, we’ve resolved a good portion of critical bugs before this and we have more time to devote to the migration.

Additionally, we are currently running a fundraiser to help pay for our royalty fee with Biblica – copyright holder of the New International Version (and its derivatives, such as the NVI) and Louis Segond translation. If you’re interested in helping, especially if you’re a user of their translations, check out our fundraiser on Fundly. If you wish to donate outside of the fundraiser, see our donation page.

For those who have not yet done so in prior updates, you must reinvite the bot before March 31st, 7:00pm EDT to ensure a smooth transition into slash commands. Not doing so will inevitably result in commands not being available.

Update: v9.1-beta (build 138)

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