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Author : Seraphim R.P.

Seraphim R.P. is the executive director and lead software engineer of Kerygma Digital.

Important Notice to All

As a result of our inability to meet the requirements of our licensing agreement with Biblica, Inc., the following translations will be removed from BibleBot: Their corresponding copyright notices will also be removed from Why were we unable to fulfill the requirements? While we happily paid the $500/year royalty fee for use of their […]

Update: v9.1-beta (build 74)

These are small updates that we’ve made since June 20th. Some of these updates have already been deployed, some are just being deployed today. We’ve also begun implementing unit tests on our code now, to ensure results are accurate and predictable. This’ll help us serve a better service by helping detect bugs before you guys do.

Update: v9.1-beta (build 15)

We’re closer than ever to the v9.1 release. The only thing remaining for this release is languages, which we’ll take a small bit of time for our translators to sift through it all. After v9.1’s release, we’ll be switching to a more agile development cycle, ensuring that we get updates and bugfixes out the door faster, instead of being held up like the past week or so. Our version numbering will certainly look a bit different after v9.1, but at least it’ll be consistent.

Release: v9.1-beta

Today marks the long awaited release of v9.1-beta, the first major version release since the failed v9 launch on TypeScript. This also marks the launch of our new website! We hope you enjoy. NOTE: Some things, like languages, are unimplemented for now. All database settings have been imported besides automatic daily verse settings and those […]

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