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Update: v9.1-beta (build 15)


  • Implemented API.Bible as a provider, KJVA and FBV will now work as normal.
  • Implemented logic so server defaults work.
  • Implemented +search.
  • Implemented +resource.
  • Removed functionality where bot replied to interactions.


  • Fix duplication bug in automatic daily verse sending.
  • Fix bug where falsely-detected verses resulted in an error.
  • Fix bug where rescue options did not have their arguments pass.
  • Fix bug where verses fail to truncate properly.
  • Fix bug where duplicate books in a message do not get parsed properly.
  • Fix bug where verse output doesn’t translate the reference.
  • Fix bug where verse output doesn’t render equally between paginated and non-paginated responses.
  • Fix bug where disabling titles on non-embed display styles makes the bot unresponsive to verses.
  • Fix bug where referencing 1/2/3 Esdras results in Ezra getting referenced.


We’re closer than ever to the v9.1 release. The only thing remaining for this release is languages, which we’ll take a small bit of time for our translators to sift through it all. After v9.1’s release, we’ll be switching to a more agile development cycle, ensuring that we get updates and bugfixes out the door faster, instead of being held up like the past week or so. Our version numbering will certainly look a bit different after v9.1, but at least it’ll be consistent.

Update: v9.1-beta (build 15)

2 thoughts on “Update: v9.1-beta (build 15)

  1. Hi Biblebot Team! I really like your bot. My goal si to build the biggest french-speak christian community on discord. is it a way to help you to translate the tool?

    My direct email: [redacted]

    1. Hello!

      We are still improving our interface translation support. We’re getting closer but we aren’t all the way there yet. We recommend joining the support server at to keep tabs on announcements when we’ll open translation work back up again.


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