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Update: v9.1-beta (build 74)


  • +version info will work regardless of capitalization of the version abbreviation.
  • An error message will get sent if you try to setup automatic daily verse in DMs, as DMs don’t support webhooks.
  • Updated slogan in +biblebot.
  • Verse references between ignoring brackets no longer cause as many collisions with verse references outside of them.


  • Fixed a bug where a reference with a specified version wouldn’t process correctly if that version’s provider was different from that of the specified version.
  • Fixed a quirk where a reference with a specified version wouldn’t acknowledge the version if punctuation was in the abbreviation.
  • Fix a bug where ignoring brackets would not register if there were spaces between the brackets and the enclosed verse reference.


These are small updates that we’ve made since June 20th. Some of these updates have already been deployed, some are just being deployed today. We’ve also begun implementing unit tests on our code now, to ensure results are accurate and predictable. This’ll help us serve a better service by helping detect bugs before you guys do.

Update: v9.1-beta (build 74)

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