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Update: v9.2-beta (build 559)


Noticeable Changes

  • Updated links in /biblebot.
  • Optimized verse processing, more noticeable in heavier requests.
  • Implemented emboldening queries in /search results for API.Bible (ab) versions.
  • Added /booklist, which will show all available books in your preferred translation (or a specified one like /booklist abbreviation:KJV).
  • The abbreviation parameter in /versioninfo is now optional and will use your preferred translation if one is not specified.
  • Added source information to /versioninfo, mostly useful for our developers.
  • Optimized all DB requests.
  • Moved our production database to France (from East US), for reduced connection times with the rest of our infrastructure, which is in Germany.
  • Added newer Markdown formatting in certain commands.
  • Sprinkled some new emojis into responses and replaced some existing emojis.
  • /formatting will now mention the default ignoring brackets, as they are always available regardless of server setting.
  • Added number markers to paragraphed resources.

Unnoticeable Changes

  • Updated to .NET 7.
  • Optimized memory allocation of some utility functions.
  • Added more tests…
  • Improved CI configurations, hoping to eventually move them all onto GitLab.


  • Fixed where duplicate verses on the same version would be processed, instead of just returning one.
  • Fixed where invalid verse references were causing crashes.
  • Fixed support for StageChannels by updating to a more stable release of disnake.
  • Fixed where duplicate verses across different versions would erroneously ignore the latter references.
  • Fixed where Greek Esther could not be referenced.


It’s been a productive month for BibleBot, with many improvements to performance and user experience, including a whole new command! We hope you like it!

All of us thank you for your support. If you find any bugs, be sure to let us know on the support server or by filing a bug report (requires a free GitLab account). If you wish to support our work, check out our #stewardship channel on the support server. If you wish to support our developers directly, reach out to @srp on Discord.

God’s blessings and peace be upon you.

Update: v9.2-beta (build 559)

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