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Update: v9.2-beta (build 532)


Noticeable Changes

  • Removed lines in /formatting referencing prefix settings now that they are obsolete.
  • Switched our infrastructure provider from AWS to Hetzner.
  • Updated /resources, /dailyverseset, and /dailyversestatus usage text.
  • Added /supporters, which will show active Patreon supporters.
  • Switched providers for the World English Bible (WEB), so it now has apocrypha/deuterocanon included.
  • Made verses surrounded by angle brackets (<>) become ignored alongside any other server setting.
  • Updated /stats to show backend and frontend versions separately.
  • Added support for full-width colons. (#257)
  • Removed character limit on search queries to help support Chinese usage. (#256)
  • Added primitive support for the Septuagint (LXX) and Brenton’s Septuagint (ELXX). We expect bugs and quirks needing to be ironed out, please let us know if you encounter any issues using them.
  • Added support for stage channels.
  • Added preliminary support for referencing Psalm 151 as a chapter (“Psalm 151:1”), whereas before it would need to be treated like a book (“Psalm 151 1:1”). This does not work for LXX, ELXX, KJVA, and WEB.
  • Added query highlighting to /search. Your query will now be emboldened in any search results.

Unnoticeable Changes

  • Improved error handling on numerous fronts.
  • Updated various dependencies.
  • Created a small bulk of scripts to maintain and automate the infrastructure.
  • Frontend will tell backend if a request was made by a bot.
  • Restructured the master language file.
  • Removed unsupported language files: Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Breton, Catalan, Chechen, Czech, Estonian, French (QC), German (AT), German (CH), Hakha, Hungarian, Latin, Lojban, Meankieli, Scots, Sinhala, Syriac, Tibetan, Urdu (IN), Urdu (PK).
  • Created a unified English (US) language file.
  • Began work on language support.
  • Removed urllib and related log messages on frontend.
  • Began logging which versions are getting used for verse references in frontend.
  • Replaced BibleBot.Lib with BibleBot.Models, which is now used for all models to facilitate sharing.
  • Replaced the RNG in /truerandom with a more cryptographically-secure option.
  • Swapped all the commands in backend to be asynchronous, to prevent (rare) race conditions.
  • Added a solid amount of tests for verse referencing and began work on testing commands.


  • Fixed where square brackets were being misinterpreted when they were meant to be used as ignoring brackets. (#267)
  • Fixed where the default ignoring brackets weren’t working if the server did not have a preference set.
  • Fixed where permissions checking would completely bar a user from a command, as opposed to sending an error response. (#268)
  • Fixed where nicknames with verse references were erroneously triggering verse responses if mentioned. (#270)
  • Fixed where associated webhooks weren’t being deleted in the database when the bot leaves a server. (#273)
  • Fixed where response deferring was necessary to prevent Discord error responses.
  • Fixed where frontend was not sending verse limit error response.
  • Fixed where paginators weren’t working as intended, in many ways, at many times. (#307, #314)
  • Fixed where getting hard counts of stats were causing performance issues, it now will use an estimated value provided by the database.
  • Fixed where and Discord Bot List’s downtimes were causing frontend to crash (as there were no timeouts on these requests).
  • Fixed where version abbreviations weren’t getting coerced to uppercase properly.
  • Fixed where disnake was adding a default help command.
  • Fixed where spaces between colon and starting verse made the parser think it was an expando verse. This bugfix entails that references like “Book 1:0-5” no longer work. (#237)
  • Fixed where redundant verse spans was getting misinterpreted as expando verses. (#246)
  • Fixed where some chapters start with a verse number of “1” (as opposed to a chapter number) and caused duplication. (#240)
  • Fixed where a stupid hack for the stupid ISV needed a stupid workaround. This involved a rework of titles.
  • Fixed where aforementioned rework of titles had numerous edgecases needing resolution.
  • Fixed where the Letter of Jeremiah (or “Epistle of Jeremiah”) could not be referenced.
  • Fixed where /search used a broken URL to facilitate search, causing the command to be temporarily useless.


Here’s just about all notable changes to the bot in the past year and 2 months. Development slowed down for most of the year due to personal life events and overall busyness, but I’ve been able to reignite the spark to get to the point of making a proper release tag. We had a lot of big successes in fixing our downtime and making the project easier to maintain. Our FY23 fundraiser went better than we could’ve ever hoped for. We optimized a lot of our costs with the switch to Hetzner for our server infrastructure without taking a dent in our maximum performance.

A big thanks to all of you who’ve stuck with us through these years! God bless you!

Update: v9.2-beta (build 532)

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